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World of Warcraft PvP and Pokemon competitive battling!

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Sometimes it's interesting how different pokemon/classes have parallels across games. I'm going to hopefully find the closest pokemon analog to each WoW class! There are only so many Wish users in Pokemon, however, so not all healing classes will be assigned a Wish user in order to be able to heal others. I'm going to do my best to compare current Pokemon Showdown Stats with current trends in Mists of Pandaria PvP.

Offensive Warrior = Tyranitar
High attack power, high defenses, appears to have a weakness to special moves/spell casters but loljk it's actually a counter to them (because of dark typing + sp def and because of double charging stun). Has no way to heal itself, so relies on partners to do that.

Tank Warrior = Wobbuffet
These characters cannot stay alive without the help of others because they take so much damage, and their only purpose is to be obnoxious and force players into certain moves. Rarely used unless someone has a specific plan for why it is going to be used.

Shadow Priest = Gengar
Has some big attack power and usually survives for a while but only due to tricks like Substitute/Dispersion and Fear and Diable/Silence and Psychic Horror. The Shadow Priest's ability to heal itself is not very good, and is basically comparable to Leftovers recovery.

Discipline Priest = Defensive Heatran
I know Heatran can't heal others, but they have a similar role in damage reduction and small heals (Leftovers/every healing move a Discipline Priest has) add up to almost put you back to where you started. They both have a small offensive presence with some support roles thrown in. Both of these are nearly always welcomed into a team.

Holy Priest = Trevenant
The Holy Priest is used mostly for "smart heals", which automatically select which players to heal based on who needs it the most. So if you are a Holy Priest player, you can suddenly find yourself (and others, which Trevenant cannot do) getting healed while having the freedom to do other things, which is what Trevenant does with Harvest. Sitrus Berry and the Lightwell are almost directly analogous, actually. Both the Holy Priest and Trevenant have moderate-low usage because they wish they were bulkier.

Holy Paladin = Blissey
Both have the nearly magical ability to take powerful hits and pass on gigantic heals to teammates. Both are also nearly hilariously vulnerable to Taunt/interrupts, which hurts their viability and usage since they can be set up on.

Offensive Paladin = Azumarill
These characters are moderately powerful and mostly predictable, and have just enough defensive capabilities to survive coming in to counter one opponent. Azumarill can be healed up to fight again if you somehow have an opening to do so, and an offensive paladin can go back in to fight if you are somehow still fighting after the cooldown on his moves expires. I was surprised at Azumarill's high usage, actually, and maybe I should have chosen a different one-trick pony.

Tank Paladin = Cresselia
Neither of these characters are used much, if ever, and they suffer from the same problem, which can be summarized with this quote: "Yep, you took that hit like it was nothing and can heal the damage off. Now what are you going to do? Nothing? I thought so."

Rogue = Scizor
While rogues don't quite have the defensive capabilities of Scizor, they serve a similar role: to suddenly appear and threaten to kill special attackers/spell casters in one or two hits. Both are nearly always useful to have.

Offensive Shaman = Lucario
Lucario is dangerous because of its unpredictability. Is it going to be physical, special, or even mixed? Offensive shamans can do something similar, and have the similar high damage output with mediocre survivability. Lucario appears to be overrepresented compared to the shamans, but if you see the melee and spell caster shamans as one, they would probably also be ranked highly.

Restoration Shaman = Mandibuzz
I was not aware that Mandibuzz was a top 20 Pokemon, but I'm glad it is. Mandibuzz and Restoration Shamans both fulfill support roles on a team that nearly no other character can. They have little offensive presence outside of specific situations in which Foul Play or the summoning totems are useful, but are invaluable for their other useful moves (Defog/Mana Tide Totem) and ability to heal, except that Mandibuzz can only heal herself.

Bear Druid = Skarmory
These aren't used an extremely large amount because of a lack of offensive presence, but they both have massive defensive stats that completely shut down certain opponents, even if they can't do a lot in return. The bear has more limited healing abilities than Skarmory, but less need for them at the same time.

Restoration Druid = Gliscor
If you ever find yourself screaming "Why won't this thing just die?!" then you have fought either a Gliscor or a Restoration Druid. They rely on small heals adding up (Poison Heal/Rejuvenation) in order to stay healthy, and have no shortage of defense either.

Balance Druid = Starmie
It has some utility that is good for specific teammates (Solar Beam and roots/Rapid Spin), and decent attack power and decent ability to heal itself. Suffers from trying to do all of these things and as a result does not have high usage.

Cat Druid = Weavile
It wants to be Scizor/a Rogue, but doesn't quite get it right. Cat druids are rarely used unless the player can make extensive use of form changes (i.e. if Weavile could transform into semi-Gliscor and semi-Skarmory it would be used more), but Cat Druids or Weavile alone just don't cut it.

Frost Mage = Rotom-W
This is the king. He is a moderately powerful special attacker/spell caster that avoids a lot of damage (through Volt Switch/Frost Nova and Blink and everything else), and is used extremely frequently because of this balance of offense and defense. Though you should imagine that Rotom-W's Charge Beam set is an equally viable alternative to Choice Scarf or Leftovers.

Fire Mage = Alakazam
Powerful but frail. When this character shows up you need to start attacking it because letting it freely attack is going to result in tons of damage being done. They are considered to have just slightly enough power/specific utility to avoid being a glass cannon.

Arcane Mage = Rampardos
This is the actual glass cannon. You won't ever see it because it can't defend itself. Should be mostly self-explanatory.

Destruction Warlock = Volcarona
These are both initially mediocre, but if you allow them to set up (Quiver Dance/Burning Embers) they will very quickly become really powerful (Bug Buzz and Fire Blast/Chaos Bolt). Both can be countered fairly easily early on, but become more difficult after that.

Non-Destruction Warlock = Ferrothorn
Has the potential to be the most defensive character, and builds up small damage (Spikes/SR/Leech Seed vs Curses) over time. Warlocks do not have the defensive ability of Ferrothorn, but it also does not seem to be necessary. Imagine if you could just keep using Leech Seed and Spikes. Always a popular choice.

Offensive Death Knight = Dragonite
Both the Death Knight and Dragonite have strong defensive mechanics (Multiscale and Roost/pretty much everything) that allow them to feel impossible to kill while they actually have no intention of tanking hits and are instead going to set up to do tons of damage to you. The threat from these characters should always be considered.

Tank Death Knight = Shuckle
While Shuckle isn't quite as good at defending itself, it epitomizes the Tank Death Knight. Players can set up situations in which the Death Knight and Shuckle won't die, but there is little purpose in doing so, ever.

All Monks = Slowbro
I'll make this one quick: both Monks and Slowbro are probably good to have for certain reasons, but nobody has really tried to use them very much and thus they are mostly unknowns. Sorry to fans of either!

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  1. johnnyd2's Avatar
    intersting post
    i play a ret pally on WOW alliance myself ^_^
    im surprised someone else mentions WOW and pokemon together
    i love crossovers


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