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The unrevealed XY event legendaries

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by , 7th October 2013 at 06:11 PM (900 Views)
Lines added to avoid front page spoiler...
I think I'm good. So if we assume the norse legend theme for the legendary pokemon is true, then Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde already have their obvious places. But we're forgetting the most important part: YGGDRASIL!

Imagine... a 720 BST giant tree pokemon! Even more, imagine what they could do with the stats if Yggdrasil has 5 base speed to fit thematically!

You could have something like
144 HP / 188 Att / 144 Def / 100 Sp Att/ 144 Sp Def / 5 Speed

You could use him with Trick Room (hell, he could learn it himself because legendary powers), or the most absurdly powerful Choice Bander to ever exist.

Since this is supposed to be on par with Arceus, it needs an absolutely perfectly-fitting ability as well. Perhaps Analytic? (it would be nice to have a good Analytic user even if Yggdrasil doesn't exist, actually) Or maybe Rock Head so it can spam Wood Hammer freely? Or some kind of special auto-ability... an auto-leech seed or auto-ingrain minus the trapping. Or even a plant equivalent of Thick Fat! So many possibilities!

I assume ~800 attack Wood Hammer could smash a few holes in your opponent's team. Or a poison move, if they make him dual-type. (Poison type wood hammer could be a signature move!) Give it Earthquake because it fits thematically and Rock Slide to kill Ho-oh and you have a terrifying pokemon!

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    Probably more overpowered than Arceus if it abuses Trick Room. I think it is more reasonable with more balanced stats like this;
    135 HP/175 Attack/130 Defense/100 Sp. Attack/120 Sp.Defense/60 Speed
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