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Revisiting my PC box

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This is mostly a personal post, but feel free to read it anyway! The majority of the pokemon from the first six rows come from Sapphire, but a few come from trades.

In the first row, we have the five pokemon that helped me through Sapphire version on my second runthrough (the first time my brother erased the game .-.). Conspicuously missing is the sixth member, Kyogre, who I released one day because I felt like it was wrong to imprison a legendary pokemon. Swampert and Kyogre were about level 65 and 55, and the others were around level 35 when I defeated the Elite Four for the first time, to give an idea of how much I relied on those two. The rest I eventually caught back up, and I'm sure each of them soloed the pokemon league multiple times on the road to 100.

My level 100 reserves are kind of a random amalgamation of pokemon that ended up being high level. The Delcatty is the one you get from the in-game trade, and I leveled her with the Aggron because Aggron is cool. Camerupt and Wailord had been used sort of on and off on my main team (mostly for fire moves or HM moves) while I was playing, and so they were natural choices to level up next. The Blaziken I got as an egg from my brother to help me complete the pokedex, and I leveled it up alongside an Altaria because I decided early on that Swablu and Torchic were friends for some reason.

The Persian got leveled up because I needed money to finance my many projects and I could spam Pay Day to kill things. Later on he started breeding with my Delcatty to try and get Pay Day Skitties, but it either didn't work or I didn't bother to save the babies. Gardevoir was another pokemon I had sort of used off and on during the game, and Gardevoir is awesome anyway. Lanturn was a recapture from my first playthrough that got erased, so I sort of felt obligated to use him. Raichu and Banette were most likely pokemon I found sitting in my box to help fill out the team. Before I had Persian, there were two empty spots here, which is because I used to have Regice and Regirock there, but I released them along with Kyogre.

Of the "just for fun" pokemon, the Hariyama and Masquerain were pokemon that I left in the daycare during my entire journey, and I came back for them at the end to find they were at amusingly high levels (and Masquerain was still a Surskit!). Xatu and Girafarig were some of my very first Safari Zone captures, along with the Dodrio I used on my main team, so I decided to keep them for the sentimental value. The Spinda named "Goggles" I kept because I randomly encountered one that had two spots directly over his eyes and thought it was cool. Cradily I mostly leveled up to complete the pokedex, but I later decided that Cradily is actually really cool with its fake face.

My level 50 team is one of my favorites, and I've blogged before about them. The short version of the story is that they were some of the last pokemon I needed to catch because they were so rare, so I spent quite a bit of time with them. There was a Golduck on the team before Kecleon, but Golduck got lost and deleted at some point, I guess.

My contest team is pretty self-explanatory. This was one of my favorite parts of the game, and my main level 100 team also has a lot of ribbons, including Pelipper who won every master rank contest. But this contest team has the pokemon that were first able to get the paintings in the art museum: Azumarill for Cute, Castform for Beauty, Weezing for Cool, Dusclops for Smart. Hariyama was my Tough pokemon, and he won lots of contests, but I don't think he ever got a painting unfortunately. Vileplume was my first attempt at Smart, and she couldn't do it in the end, but I kept her around because it was kind of fun anyway.

My Colosseum team mostly consisted of me using Meganium and Quagsire. I got them early on, and they were some of my favorite pokemon the entire time. Suicune and Plusle were probably what got me through most tough battles, though, where I used Rain Dance and Thunder to kill everything. Flygon and Absol, while cool-looking pokemon, didn't end up doing much and I mostly had them as backup. Suicune is still present even after the purge of legendary pokemon for some reason. Probably because it would ruin the whole team if he was gone.

My LeafGreen team looks kind of puny now, but that's because I released the Articuno that was 15+ levels ahead of the other members and dragged them through the game. Venusaur was still pretty good with his Leech Seed, though.

My level 50 reserves from LeafGreen didn't get much time to shine, but it was fun leveling them up. Gengar was an alternate for my main LeafGreen team, and me wanting to use him was partly the inspiration for having these reserves. I have two Dragonites because one is physical and one is special. Also, these pokemon ended up at level 55 rather than 50 because of evolutions, and I later pushed all my 50's and 55's to 60 because of open level at the Battle Frontier, so that explains why I call them the reserves for my Armaldo team.

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  1. Phoenixon's Avatar
    So all these Pokemon together are like your "ultimate" Pokemon team? That's pretty cool.


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