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Real world equivalents of Orre cities

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by , 7th October 2013 at 11:57 PM (489 Views)
Let's assume that Orre is based on Arizona, and Phenac City is Phoenix (these are essentially confirmed). What's interesting is to see that the other cities actually KIND OF line up. Kind of.

Pyrite Town is Yuma, Arizona. This city is essentially a military base and prison, which fits in with the crime theme of Pyrite Town. The Under is obviously just some kind of slum, so it was tacked on.

Also in the "west" is Gateon Port. This in the game was something that they added to the region later as a port city. In real life, if you keep going in the direction away from Phoenix toward Yuma, you will reach the coast of the Bay of California, where there is a city called Puerto Peñasco, which really only exists as a beach resort for Arizonans.

Farther north in Orre is Agate Village, which is a more green, less desert-y town that presumably has a more liveable climate. In real life this is like Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a much cooler climate and lots of trees grow there. And yes, it's a top retirement location.

The last part doesn't line up between the Orre map and the Arizona map. Mt. Battle and the little settlement there can be seen as a parallel to Tucson, whose name etymology is "at the base of the volcano". To explain quickly, Mt. Battle, if it were in the correct location, would be south of the Outskirt stand, but it's north instead (maybe to have a square map!)

So this stuff is obviously unconfirmed, but a lot of it is suspiciously accurate!

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