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Pokemon I want to get Mega forms!

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Hoenn mostly, since we're going there.

But that is just one of the many pokemon that I want to be able to mega evolve in Hoenn. Here are some of my own ideas:

Torkoal (Fire) --> Mega Torkoal (Fire/Steel)
Increased stats focusing on attack, defense, and special defense
Gains Battle Armor as an ability

Torkoal does eat coal, and it would make more sense for him to gain Rock type with coal armor, but Fire/Rock would be kind of a letdown. I want him to have coal armor anyway, though. A "second shell", a "helmet", and feet guards would be great. And make him grow to at least the size of an Arcanine (rather than being super tiny).

We already know that Fire/Steel is a great typing thanks to Heatran, and this would be a way for people to access that typing without using a legendary pokemon (i.e. you can breed for it!). Torkoal already has a lot of moves to be great with Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin, Lava Plume, and Explosion, so he doesn't need much help there. But rather than making him another Heatran, I think his focus should be in attack rather than special attack, so he can actually make use of Explosion and possibly moves like Rock Slide.

Wailmer (water) --> Wailord (water) --> Mega Wailord (Water/Steel)
Increased stats focusing on defense and special defense
Greatly increased weight (for Heavy Slam)
Gains Unaware

My first thought for his appearance was some sort of awesome looking whale exoskeleton, but that once again lends itself to being rock type, which we want to avoid (hello Corsola, how's it going over there?). So what I'm imagining now is a whale+submarine fusion.

You see, what I want is for Wailord to float through the dangerous waters, be pummeled by hits, and keep on floating by because he's a massive whale untroubled by the pitiful attacks of other pokemon. Unaware is the perfect way to do this, and it would add a greatly needed additional choice of pokemon to use with this ability, and one with a very unique typing. I added Heavy Slam mostly as a flavor ability, but don't tell me it wouldn't be fun to crush Ledybas with your massive whale-submarine body!

Nosepass (Rock) --> Probopass (Rock/Steel) --> Mega Probopass (Rock/Electric)
Increased stats focused in special attack
Gains No Guard

Given Probopass's unusual appearance, Mega Probopass could absolutely end up being nightmare fuel. Which I sort of want in a way. Let's just pretend that its new appearance involves massive "eyelashes". Or something.

What Nosepass and Probopass have been sort of developing toward, in my opinion, is manipulating their magnetic field to use electric moves. Rock/Electric would be a very unique typing, and it has to be at least better than the Rock/Steel that has plagued it up until this point. Obviously the strategy is a No Guard Zap Cannon. This is very powerful, and for that reason I'm hesitant to buff this pokemon any more. It's not THAT overpowered, though, so I imagine he would fit right in with the rest of the mega evolutions.

Baltoy (Ground/Psychic) --> Claydol (Ground/Psychic) --> Mega Claydol (Ground/Psychic)
Increased stats focused in defense and special defense
Gains Regenerator

For this pokemon's appearance I imagine some kind of floating pieces of broken frieze carvings. Maybe that's the wrong direction to go. Either way it's basically trying to keep true to the original spirit of Claydol.

Claydol is the perfect example of a pokemon that was great when it was introduced, but then lost out to the power creep later on. All it really needs are some stat boosts, but let's give it some new toys as well! Regenerator works great as a pokemon that could set Light Screen and Reflect. And what I would like to do is to give it the ability to Baton Pass (Cosmic Power, Calm Mind). These new additions provide Claydol with several new roles, and the increased stats help it with its old roles of hazard control and checking fighting types.

Tropius (Grass/Flying) --> Mega Tropius (Grass/Dragon)
Increased stats focused in defense and attack
Gains Levitate

Tropius is a dinosaur! It should be good at fighting. I'm not sure how to improve its appearance, honestly, because Tropius *looks* like it should be already powerful, but it's not. If you have any ideas, be sure to tell me!

We already got a Grass/Dragon mega evolution, I know. But Tropius is different from Sceptile, I promise! Whereas Sceptile will be a glass cannon, we're going for more of a Gyarados sort of pokemon. The idea here is to support Tropius's ability to Dragon Dance, and it should obviously learn Dragon Claw and Dragon Tail. I think this could be a really cool pokemon if they decide to go this route (I was going to suggest Mega Tropius X and Mega Tropius Y so that we could have a "gentle giant" version, but that might be going too far for an unpopular pokemon).


Those are my Hoenn suggestions, so let me know what you guys think of them, or if you have other pokemon you think should get mega evolutions! (I wanted something for Exploud but couldn't think of it).

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    @Karpi; While on the blogs, please keep all revealed ORAS Mega Evos and the like under spoilers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karamazov
    @Karpi; While on the blogs, please keep all revealed ORAS Mega Evos and the like under spoilers.
    Totally my bad. Since there are always tweets/facebook posts along the left side of the forums that aren't spoilered, I figured the entire site was unspoilered.


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