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Character submission time!

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I decided that I'm going to write a Unova journey fic soon, since I haven't done that region yet. But I'm bored with my current characters since they essentially did two regions and ran out of character development. So I'm asking all of you! If you think you have a neat idea (or a lame one!) for a pokemon trainer, post it below in a comment and I may write about you!

Just need:
Name (Or initials, or basically whatever you got)
Their pokemon (Don't feel obligated to use a Unova starter pokemon. In fact, please don't because they're lame)
Optionally, any neat little idea you have about the character that I could use. Maybe a motivation like how they accidentally killed a baby Meowth as a child by stepping on it and now feel obligated to capture one and pamper it to make up for that. Or just leave this part out if you want!

I will consider all ideas! Even if you want your character to start with Regice and capture only first stage bug types!

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  1. Icestar649's Avatar
    Name: Lilac
    PKMN: Gallade Absol Typhlosion Togekiss Arbok Politoad
    Motive: searches for long lost father after he diaapeared one night
  2. Jabberwocky's Avatar
    Jabber Wocki

    Drillbur, Rufflet, and Corsola.

    Jabber is an aspiring naturalist and photographer who dreams of travel and adventure, to walk in the footsteps of Louis, his father. He hopes to see everything Unova has to offer, and gather a team strong enough to challenge the Elite Four while he's at it. Hailing from an island town to the west of Numeva, his first Pokemon was a Corsola his father gave him, originally from Johto.


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