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That was a while ago.

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by , 4th November 2013 at 09:21 PM (209 Views)
Here's a list of things that have happened since I last blogged, back in late July.

I went to Japan, and spent about $1,000 there (I also went to the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo and Yokohama).

I started my Senior year of High School.

I started my last season of High School Swimming.

I got accepted to my Numero Uno college (I'll be going for Japanese, along with Graphic Design or Meteorology).

I bought Pokemon X on its Release Date, and have 35 hours clocked in (It's currently on hold, though).

I bought more anime-related things, mostly from Otome series'.

My mother had her Gallbladder removed.

That's the general layout of things that have occurred between then and now. I might do a blog about my trip to Japan, but I wasn't motivated for quite a while to write a blog, so that could be another week, or two weeks, or whatever the time amount is.

Also, I still have the same to husbandos (Masato Hijirikawa and Frederick), but I've added numerous men to my bedscape (I plan on adding more in the future, too (Of course)).
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    You went to Japan before you graduated High School. Asdf. I am so much jelly.

    How were the Japanese Pokemon Centers? I swung by the New York one back in 2001 when it was open, it was so awesome I went back and filmed a video tour of the whole thing. Did they have animatronic Pokemon on display there, too?


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