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TODAY and other events.

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SO TODAY I finally got my wonderful man that I have been waiting upon for just over a week now: He will get an introduction when he get the proper cushion and is placed on my bed, next to the other six guys that currently rule the sheets I sleep on: Tesra, Grimmjow, Uryu, Kotetsu, Uryu again, and Masato. I'm gonna be having a party every night, and I plan to add at least two , maybe three more guys before I move out of my haus.

Because anime guys are amazing.


Swim is over now, which I am EXTREMELY thankful for. We just had our End-of-the-Year Banquet tonight, and they showed embarrassing videos of me trying to climb up a rope (I wasn't trying then) ;w; But then, I saw the coach's face one more time...that motherfucking face will (hopefully) never come across me again :D

School is alright, I guess. Here's the breakdown:

Chemistry: This is easy shit. I'm liking it a LOT more than I expected.

Art II: Currently painting Lelouch Lamperouge's face in Acrylic. He's super sexy, I can say that P:

Lifetime Activities: The end of our Bowling unit is coming up. The highest score I've gotten thus far is a 138, which was last class.

Photoshop II: I'm currently fixing up some photos I took with my lovely Nikon D5100, and playing games with the guys that sit next to me. It's awesome to be the only female in a class filled with 12 guys :D

U.S History: Fun shit there. That's all I'm gonna say.

FST: Of course, Math is a bitch. As of now, I'm holding a C. I expect it to drop in the near future.

Computational Thinking: We started the Networking unit today. We played games involving Oranges.

In other aspects of my life...

I've been, as of late. Something internally is doing something P: I feel empty. I want to listen to my somewhat-depressing music and watch videos of Katsura Kotonoha be a crazy bitch. I'm in the "Forever Alone" mood again, to say the least, due to recent events that I will not repeat :'D

...But something is off. Maybe it's the acne that's right next to my mouth that makes it look like I have Herpes (which I don't, I swear P:), or maybe it's the fact that my knuckles and fingers on my right hand have been hurting like a BITCH as of late. I don't know. Some invisible force is holding a knife to my "touchy" emotions, and is slowly making slits into each and every one of them. When I smile sometimes, I think, "Should I even smile right now? Why am I smiling? I don't want to smile.". Something is wrong.

Maybe because it's that time of the month (y'know, girls... P:), but I dunno.

I need to be happier.

Maybe Masato will make me happy; we are dating...ish. In the game ;w;


Ah well.

I wanna hit 400 blogs by the end of the year.




This is a long blog post because of this ending.

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