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by , 21st July 2012 at 08:01 PM (197 Views)
I got really pissed. And I mean, really pissed.

So I was on my computer, posting on here and stuff, when my little sister asks me if I know this one girl (Let's call her C (C is an ugly letter)). I do, because she's a slut in the grade below me (Everyone knows the sluts in my school). My sister then tells me that C says that she's a photographer. I call bullshit. Then, my sister tells me that she takes pictures of flowers.


I learned a lesson from my Photoshop picture a year ago:

Taking pictures of flowers is not photography, and is not art.

My eye twitched when my sister told me this revelation. She then showed me her "Photography" album on Facebook.



I was screaming "THIS IS NOT PHOTOGRAPHY!!!" at the top of my lungs. Each measly snapshot was the same damn thing over and over and over again- I was becoming literally sick to my stomach. I got so pissed- This is no way photography. No. No. No.

Photography is getting a photo that just...speaks for itself. A photo is something that cannot be re-created and not mimicked so easily. A photo is a memory. A snapshot is just...there.

...It's hard describing what makes a photo a photo, and what makes a snapshot a snapshot, but I hope I made somewhat of a point there.


Since I was so pissed off, I ran my ass up the stairs, grabbed my new Rika Furude figure, and went to the arboretum. I took tons of photos, and all of them just popped in front of me. Rika-fever, I say!

I'm going outside right after this to take more photos of her: She's a marvelous figure. So...Rika-like.

But I will never forget the day where my Photoshop teacher taught me the differences between a photo and a snapshot. One exemplifies all the qualities it has, and one is just...there.

And for you people that actually like my Figure Photography and stuff- I WILL update my thread in Visions of the World, but I must download my new camera stuff.


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    Flowers, art... I OBJECT!


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