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So this Summer.

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I'm going to a place far away from my home in Wisconsin. It has relatively the same climate though as here, but I do hear it has more smog, and it's much more humid in the Summer.

That place is Japan.

Yes, I am going to Japan this Summer for a week. I plan to stay in Akihabara (In Tokyo) and chill out around there, but I am going to branch out and go to the Pokemon Center, Sanrio Puroland, Wonfest, Otome Road, Tokyo Tower, and a Butler Cafe (hopefully).

It's only me and my father going though, since my mother and my sisters don't like travelling overseas.

If anyone has been to Tokyo before though, please inform me how the whole Subway system works, since I have never been in a Subway before, and I haven't been on a train in 13 years ;w;

But overall, I'M GONNA PARTY.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Lucky! How much of a budget are you going to have for purchases?


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