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So I went on Tumblr.

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And I hated it. I browsed that site for a few hours, and I hated it. I seriously don't see the appeal in it at all; I find Pinterest even moreso enjoyable than Tumblr. And that's saying something, because I hate Pinterest too. What a shame.

I had so much hope when I came upon Tumblr, but was bland. Boring. It reminds me of things I will never say. The layout bugs me, some of the people bugged me, and it seemed like a jambalaya of stuff jammed into one measly site. I didn't see much of a structure to it (but then again, we're talking about me here). Ridiculous.

So for that one blog I posted a while ago, regarding if I should join DeviantArt or Livejournal. There were people that said Tumblr. And to that, I say NO. NEVER. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

And since DeviantArt gives my computer viruses on a daily basis, and Livejournal looks like it would take months to master even easy tasks, I happily uprooted my old Youtube account. It has been dead for four years, so I bet it's happy that it's out of the graveyard P:

But yeah. Tumblr? Nada. Not in my bed with my sexy men.

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  1. Shinobu's Avatar
    I'm fine with the content on tumblr. The staff is just incompetent and many blogs have themes that spit in the face of the principles of good web design.
  2. Kars's Avatar
    Youre supposed to follow people to your intrest, and block things you dont want to see.

    I follow art blogs, its intresting. And i like it much better than other blogs.
  3. Yuko's Avatar
    How is Youtube anyways? I plan to join soon.


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