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Prepping for the Trip!

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by , 10th April 2013 at 03:10 PM (217 Views)
Believe it or not, I'm already getting ready for my trip to Japan this summer. I have upped my "dosage" on Rosetta Stone, flashcards, and other learning things. I've also mapped out where I want to go in my time there, and I've even picked up a book solely on the Subway System in Tokyo. Fun times, there will be.

Though there's one aspect I've been slacking on: Spending money.

Sure, I'll get a full two month's pay before my trip (Which I'm currently estimating that I could have between $800-$1200 to spend there), but I need to save more before I go, y'know? I just placed another order with my Proxy in Japan, so there goes another $70 or so. Then I found some more things that I want, so that could go up. Damn you, Animate and Gift, for having such wonderful things to buy.

I'm also getting another shelf possibly tonight, since I'm running out of room to put my anime stuff.


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  1. guardian468's Avatar
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    Does Rosetta Stone actually work?
    I've been curious for a while...
    Also have an AWESOME time there! :D
    AiedailEclipsed likes this.
    Updated 10th April 2013 at 04:14 PM by guardian468
  2. Big Lutz's Avatar
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    Have fun! I will be going there this fall!
  3. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    Have fun! :D And I'm also curious, what is your opinion of Rosetta Stone?
  4. Chiss's Avatar
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    Hint: Don't use taxis. They're super overpriced here.
  5. Sunburn's Avatar
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    Have a fun trip :D
  6. Serenity's Avatar
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    Also, Go to the Pokemon theme park! :D

    Have fun!


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