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My school district...

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...Is seriously getting fucked up.

They're trying to pass something that makes Kindergardeners learn Spanish. Know how much?

90% of all the lessons will be taught in Spanish. 10% in English.

In First Grade, it would be 80% Spanish and 20% English. Then Second Grade, 70% Spanish and 30% English, and so on in that fashion. I'm...really pissed about this. WHY ARE THE SCHOOLS BASICALLY CHOOSING SPANISH OVER ENGLISH AS BASICALLY THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE? If anything, I would like them to teach Chinese instead of Spanish (it's gonna be pretty dominant worldwide sometime in the future years, I've heard)

But really...parents would ask their kid a question, and they wouldn't know what the hell they're saying...and could basically only reply in Spanish.


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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    ...that' ._.
  2. Karma Kidd's Avatar
    .... intriuging.

    I imagine as long as the parents taught them English at home, most kids know English before they are enrolled, this could be a very profitable program.

    Though I do agree, Chinese would be a much more wise language do to their Global status.
  3. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    Holy shit that sheriff in Arizona and the militias in Texas were actually right. I guess we owe them an apology.
  4. an illegible mess.'s Avatar
    then they'd only learn spanish and not english ._.

    what about french? or chinese? or latin? or german? or any of those other languages? seriously what are they thinking.
  5. ChinYao's Avatar
    When I was in elementary, I was forced to learn Spanish--and you know where it got me? I resented the language for years, I hated it and despised it nearly to a point of being racist towards the language.

    I forgot all of it, except 'rojo' which will NEVER get me anywhere, and the experience I had with it was so negative that I refuse to learn it ever--I no longer hate the language, but I won't learn it because it was a very bad and painful experience for me, associated with my teachers trying to put me on medication, crying constantly, and always being ignored by adults.

    Besides, having everyone speak Spanish and English does not exactly point towards the idea that America is a 'melting pot'. It excludes the other languages and undervalues them.
  6. Sapphire Cherry's Avatar
    If it was here in Utah it would make sense (Halve the time I feel so left out because 90% of the people can speak spanish), but even then it would be really strange to teach mostly in Spanish.
  7. Kars's Avatar
    Well one reason could be that Latin-American people are the dominant minority in the U.S.

    However, its not the country's main language used for trade.

    So making a (normally) secondary language a priory over one of the main language of speech in the world market is certainly weird.


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