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Milka in Wonderland!

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by , 18th November 2012 at 12:32 PM (429 Views)
Hey everyone. Little time no blog. Anyhoo, I HAVE AMAZING NEWS.

So everyone here should know that I have a thing for anime men. I mean, they're fucking sexy and amazing (but not as much as real men!). ANIME MEN RULE.

And then a handful of you know about my thing for anime guys on cushions, bedsheets, and dakimakuras. To this day, I have the followng:

Tesra Lindocruz Dakimakura
Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez Dakimakura
Masato Hijirikawa Bedsheet
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Cushion Cover

That's a lot of plush to pile into one Twin-Size bed. You add all that plus a Pillow Pet, three regular pillows, and four plushes. My bed is falling apart, to say the least ;w;

Quite recently, I have been playing the game Uta no Prince-sama: Repeat. Somehow, I have managed to be hooked up with Masato Hijirikawa, the same guy that's on my bedsheet.

And then to get even weirder, he's my most beloved character in the anime AND I think he has the nicest voice.

So I made the decision to start collecting EVERYTHING of him, even though at the time, I only had two items of him: The Bedsheet, and a Nendoroid Petit on pre-order.

Up to this day, that little list has grown a bit: I own the bedsheet AND his Gift plush now, along with a wallscroll and the Nendoroid Petit still on pre-order, waiting to be released.

But, I wanted more. I wanted to get the bigger items of him, like his Voice Alarm Clock, or...

Or even his Dream Cushion, which was a Kotobukiya Shop Exclusive.

Yesterday, I was browsing Yahoo! Japan Auctions. For the people that don't know: Y!JA doesn't ship overseas. At all. They are exclusive to Japan, hence the "Japan" in their name.

I typed in Masato's Japanese name (聖川 真斗 ) into the search bar, and POP!

His Kotobukiya Dream Cushion.

For lower than retail cost (Which is roughly $55).

I was extremely happy, but then extremely sad: I couldn't get this fellow. I had the money, but I don't live in Japan. The only way I could get him was through A PROXY.

If you don't know what a proxy is, it's basically this: You see something you like on Y!JA or You go send a request to a proxy service saying that you want that item. They buy the item for you, and you pay them for the initial charge. The item gets sent from the original seller to the proxy service, and then the proxy charges you a second time, and then they send the item to you.

Sounds kinda intimidating, eh?

I've been holding off using a proxy for so long, but I knew I wouldn't get a chance to have this Dream Cushion of Masato again. So, I signed up for a proxy site.

And then I bidded on the item on Y!JA.

And then I won.

I was screaming and dancing and jumping like a crazed person. I would finally get something that I thought was waaaay out of my reach, but as it turns out, it wasn't.

Masato Hijirikawa's Dream Cushion is coming my way soon <w>

And of course, I will make a blog of his arrival.


P.S.- He was so much because he's 29.25x29.5 INCHES. Yeah, over two feet of sexiness in all line segments.

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  1. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    Smuggling cushions out of Japan, eh? You know the anime guy plush and cushion black market is a dangerous one. We get cops in our neighborhood all the time 'cause some girl is heading some dakimakura ring or a decorative bed sheet operation.
    Milkapoke likes this.
  2. Fathom778's Avatar
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    ................well, good luck, i mean, it might not work.
    now, im male and not gay so i dont know why i read this but whatever, anyway be careful about using that stuff, its not very good to ship over seas but, you wanted to take the gamble so,.......good luck


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