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First things first: I failed my Driver's test miserably. Got autofail'd and also got to collect 34 points off! I blame the test person- She was extremely fat, fairly old, had such a heavy accent of some sort that I could barely understand her, and she took points off for stuff I did, but she claimed that I didn't. Turn Signals? Yeah, I did those. Stopping all the way? Hell yeah I did that. Checking your blind spots? Yeah. Pathetic.

Anyhoo, I've been seeing a good number of posts about this "Otakon" ordeal. Since I like anime conventions, and have been deprived of them for about a year (Remember, I couldn't go to Anime Central this year because I had no friends), I checked this out.

Fairly good attendance (more than Acen), seems pretty cool, a bunch of Bulba people there...but in Maryland of all places. But then again, it's Baltimore, so I kinda expected a convention or two there. But damn, I wanna go to it next year...

Fuck, it looks expensive to fly P: I'd rather go to Anime Expo or something.

But then again, Anime Central is pretty damn awesome. Soap Bubble, largest Dealer's Room in the U.S, tons of panels and photoshoots and stuff. Plus, from their site, it looks like they had over 24,000 con-goers this year ;w;


I have no idea where this blog post is going.

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  1. Master Mew's Avatar
    Everything you do on your Driver's Test (checking blindspots, adjusting mirrors, etc.) has to be exaggerated far beyond what you would do under normal circumstances - simply by virtue of the test, you want to make sure it's obvious that you knew what you were expected to do. Shame you were autofailed, for what it's worth I hilariously failed parallel parking in my test (backed into the curb, then panicked, forgot to shift, and pulled completely OFF the road - was promptly told to move on, as I had already completely failed that portion of the test), but I still inexplicably passed...


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