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Fourth of July!

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by , 4th July 2012 at 07:31 AM (205 Views)
Which means I have to work today. For five hours. In 110 degree heat.

Eeeeaaaugh fuck my life.

IN OTHER NEWS, Uta no Prince-Sama is quickly becoming a favourite series of mine- As you all know, I have acquired the AMAZING Masato Hirijikawa bedsheet, but I also have one of Tokiya Ichinose's CD's. And about two minutes ago, I put myself down in buying both the Masato and Tokiya Nendoroid Petits (Which are an Animate exclusive, so a proxy is here to help) in a BOX SPLIT that someone was hosting on another site. They are SUPER CUTE and I was about shaking when I confirmed my slots for them. I also kinda bought a Tokiya Charm thing, but no word from the host of that BOX SPLIT.

I dunno why people here don't like Box it the cost of shipping? The whole Paypal transaction? The stuff in general that is being split? I think a Box Split here of some Pokemon thing would be awesome, but no one here gets interested ;__;

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  1. Ebail's Avatar
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    I'm working for six and a half hours today if it makes you feel any better.
  2. Milkapoke's Avatar
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    Are you working in the outdoors like me? P:
  3. Ebail's Avatar
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    For some of my shift, most likely. And it's stupid, cause 95% of the time anything people want outside they just ask to be charged for inside.


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