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DSi/3DS/Pokemon Black Problems.

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by , 19th January 2013 at 03:14 PM (898 Views)
Son of a fucking bitch.

Okay, so right now, I want to be able to use Wifi on Pokemon Black with my new 3DS. Before, I used to play Black on my DSi and used the Wifi on there, but since I have a nice new system, why not play Black on that? Anyhoo, there has been some major problems.

I put Black in my 3DS, get to the game, go to a Pokemon Center, and try to connect to the GTS. But then it says I have to change my User Identification on my DSi, though I am using a 3DS. Then it tells me that if I want to overwrite the Wifi data from my DSi er something, I have to get on the Internet and overwrite them. I try to connect to Wifi, and bam: Error Code 51099, which says my 3DS and Wifi is not compatible. But, y'know, I've already been on the Internet and other things with my 3DS, so I know this is bullshit.

I get onto Black's Main Menu on my 3DS, and click on that "Wifi Connections" tab thing (I forgot what it's called). It then automatically says I have to have a Connection to the Internet on my 3DS...which I already have one, under Connection One. To make sure that connection still works, I go to my 3DS Menu and test the Connection- it's fine.

Thinking that the game wants the settings from my DSi gone, I pop Black into my DSi, hoping I can erase the settings.

I get into the Main Menu screen of Black on my DSi, and scroll down to the "Wifi Connections" thing, and it says the same thing my 3DS did: I need to have an Internet Connection. Thing is, my DSi magically erased the one I had on it.

So now, I am completely lost on how to get Wifi settings on Black from my 3DS, and erase the ones from my DSi.

Please help me. I would like to trade on my 3DS, and not my shit DSi.

Thank you.

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  1. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
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    Did you say yes to overwrite the Wi-Fi data on the 3DS? I did that when I played my Pokémon games on my 3DS instead of my DSi, which allowed me to connect to the internet.
    Updated 20th January 2013 at 07:32 AM by Tophat Dragoneye
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    The 3DS goes into DS mode when playing pokemon Black, meaning you need to configure internet for the DS mode in order to connect to wi-fi on it. You can do that in system settings, you'll be taken to a wi-fi menu that looks just like how it looked on the DS and have to set a connection there.


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