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Card Organization!

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First things first: I'm celebrating my second Bulba Anniversary tommorow (and not on the 16th) because I will be gone the majority of the day on the 16th!

Now, onto the real blog.

Recently, I have stumbled upon a problem on how I organized about 8,000 cards. I have organized them by their respective Dex number...but there are a few Pokemon missing P: I acquired a Politoed card when I was at the VGC's, but I can't put it where it's supposed to be 'cause the Dex number Pokemon around it are already in that slot. So now, if I get any other older card that I don't have one already, I'm basically screwed. So I'm gonna organize all fucking 8,000 of them. But how? That's where you guys come in.

Here's a list of ways I could organize them:

Randomly- Holos in the front of the binders, and then mix all of them together and randomly match them up. I like it because it's the fastest way to put them together, but then it's hard for me to look up one card.

Type- Group them by types. I have to debate with myself which type the double-type Pokemon go into. But overall, it's fairly easy.

Set- I've never done this one before, but I think it would be tons of fun (seriously), and if I actually put some space between the cards I am missing, then it could be efficient AND fun. But this would probably take a long time, plus the fact that I have doubles, triples, quadruples, and whatever the next numbers are for many cards, so this could be a major pain trying to fit them into one slot. But then...I could just have an "extras" binder, for trading between the extras and cards I am missing for a set.

So, what method should I go about? I'm leaning towards the Set option, but I am an indecisive child :D

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Why not group them by Type? As for double-type, just put them with whatever their primary type is, or in the case of others (like Chandelure), whatever type that particular card is.


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