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Budgeting and you guys.

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by , 5th June 2012 at 10:27 AM (204 Views)
Okay, I'm talking about my recent budgeting right now. If you just want to see the little friendship thing I mentioned above, scroll down a bit.

So today, I established a budget for myself. Why? There are two figures that might come out for pre-order soon: Altair's 1/8 Tokiya Ichinose and Figuart ZERO's Gin Ichimaru. Those guys are expensive, from what I'm predicting: Tokiya could run up to $100, while Gin could be at $60. Since I really want these guys and I want the money to spend on them, I created a budget- I save about $34 every time my check comes in from working, and I should have piad for the men by August 31st (I did it then because no one has a clear clue on when they are going to be released or pre-orderable).

I made notes on my door, and got myself a Piggy Bank even. I am excited; SUPER excited even. I'm forcing myself to save money, which I have never done before ;w;


Yeah, now it's the part about you guys. No, I don't hate you all. I only hate very few of you. I love you all in a way, actually. Like...friendship love P: Anyhoo, here is my little paragraph thing I dunno what the fuck to call it:

A LONG time ago, I acquired a letter set. What is a letter set? A set of envelopes and letter paper that you write letters and send them off in their envelopes. My letter set is of the adorable Rilakkuma Bear and his friends. I mean, it's fucking adorable. But...I have never written a letter or sent an envelope from this stationary. Never.

But I want to.

But you guys are the only people I can think of sending letters to.

But then I think it's fairly creepy.

So then I look at the letter set and think of what I can do with it.


Oh Aizen it kills me that I can't do anything I want without seeming like a creeper ;__; I'm 15. I'm a tomboy. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.

Such a sad note.

But yeah, you guys ROCK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkapoke
    I only hate very few of you.
    Well, after the idiot I made of myself, I don't blame you.

    I hope the saving goes well, though, and I don't think writing letters to your friends here would count as creepy unless you know their addresses without them ever having told you.


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