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YAY first blog of six today to reach my goal of 400 before the year ends. With the suggestion from @Karamazov;, my first blog for the day will be of my favourite Pokemon :D I'm doing this list by region, and to save time, I'm not gonna post pictures of them. And besides, you should know what Pokemon I'm talking about.


Generation I- Nidoking

I fell in love with this Pokemon when I played through Firered waaaaay back in 3rd grade. I had caught a Nidoran (Male, of course) and quickly evolved it into a Nidorino. But I held off a bit on evolving the Nidorino, wanting to make it stronger. I finally evolved the Nidorino at level 44, into a Nidoking. I love it's cry. I love it's sprite. I LOVE IT ALL. YAY FOR NIDOKING.

Generation II- Miltank

My favourite Pokemon! While it seems like most people hate this cow because of the whole Whitney ordeal, that made me love it more ;w; You see it's brute strength, and how powerful a Pokemon can b at such a low level. And to make Miltank more of a boss, you can use Milk Drink and it's ability Thick Fat to be resistant to almost ANYTHING. And then, the cute factor. Utters. Spots. Cry. COW RESEMBLANCE. Miltank is amazing. End of story.

Generation III- Slaking

Originally, I was going to pick Wailord, but I have never used that.

When I first encountered a Slaking, I was playing through Pokemon Ruby, and I was seven or eight er something. It was Norman's Slaking. I fucking hated it. It constantly obliterated my Pokemon, and I fucking hated it. This also made me hate Norman, despite him being my supposed father in the game P:

When I was coming up with a team for VGC's earlier this year, I was missing a tank. I wanted something that could REALLY pack a punch, but something people were not expecting. As I was flipping through pages of a huge Guide of Diamond and Pearl, I came upon Slaking's little insert, and I chose that beast. He was an immense help to my VGC team, KO'ing Pokemon here and there with a breeze. Gotta love it.

Generation IV- Porygon-Z

I didn't really have a favourite Pokemon in Gen. IV until a year ago. Almost all of them seemed kinda boring and not very useful. That is, until I fully utilized Porygon-Z. I first concocted this Pokemon while doing battles over Wifi in Pokemon Battle Revolution. Porygon-Z could kill just about anything. Now looking back, I think it only fainted twice in a six-month span. With that info in my head, I decided to use a Porygon-Z for VGC's this year as well, and that thing was amazing. Ice Beaming and Thunderbolting and Tri Attacking everything...loved it. What an amazing Pokemon.

Generation V- Victini

The only reason I like this Pokemon is the insane cute factor it has. I wanna pick it up and cuddle with it forever ;O; Nothing else in this generation appeals to me. I love me some Victini.


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  1. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    And here I thought you'd pick Victini because of the insane power V-create has (because you also picked Slaking and Porygon-Z). With a choice band it blasts through everything. In the sun it blasts even harder.
  2. Shadows's Avatar
    Good luck with your remaining 5 blogs! XD


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