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Holy Fu- *BOOM*

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It felt like my world fell apart today. Today was my last day at my awesome, amazing, absolutely fantastic school. Now I'm going to be a freshman in high school. Only four of the kids in my class are going to that school. The other four are going to another school in a different town. My school only had 14 kids (it's a charter school), the rest of them were seventh graders. Two of the kids going to the other school are my friends, and of the kids going to the high school I'm going to, one of them dislikes me strongly, one will avoid me no doubt, and two avoid everyone. I only know a very small number of people in that high school and most of those people probably don't even remember me. Plus, to top it all off, I have a very hard time making friends. The only reason I made friends with who I did was because they were stuck with me for an entire school year. Also, my seventh grade friends might go to that other school, and those that don't I won't see for another year. I'm also not going to be seeing one of the two teachers I had because she's moving. I'm really sad right now... I don't want to go to high school. What kind of made me feel better is that I got all A's for the year.

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  1. Mr Metagross's Avatar
    You're lucky if you had a good...uh, what do you Americans call it, middle school or something? My "primary school" (that's English for the school before the school before university...) was hell. I was cast out from every group and I was a loner for the whole time. But now, I've got tons of friends! Don't worry, everybody going to your new school will be equally as nervous as you are unless they've got jam packs of friends to go with them (which is unlikely). It will start with no one talking to each other, and when a few people muster up the courage to do so, friendships will grow, more people will converse and groups will form. In no time you've got a whole bunch of mates!
    Though for me, turning twelve and moving up a school was like growing wings after wearing iron boots.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    my awesome, amazing, absolutely fantastic
    School is not allowed to share a sentence with those words.

    But seriously, I'm real sorry to hear that, really. It's always sad to part with old friends and places. At least you can always make new friends.
  3. Phoenicks's Avatar
    How is it that being in a charter school means that you only have 13 classmates?
  4. --root--'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenicks
    How is it that being in a charter school means that you only have 13 classmates?
    There was only enough room for that much kids.


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