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My Hero!

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by , 9th January 2011 at 12:04 AM (442 Views)
Marshawn Lynch, you are my freaking hero.

To hell with it, the entire Seattle Seahawks offense are my heroes. Matt Hasselbeck was running with him and even helped throw a block. This was probably the greatest run I've ever seen.

Games like this is why I love to watch football.

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  1. Legacy's Avatar
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    Dude, that TD was amazing. Did you see him stiff arm Tracy Porter and actually throw him? That was an amazing game. I can't say I thought Seattle had any hope in winning, but that home crowd was crazy!
  2. Tsuness's Avatar
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    I loved it, he was like "Get out of the way" and freaking threw him to the ground. Then here comes the entirety of the O line behind him blocking. Greatest TD run I've seen.


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