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  1. Work and Clubs

    I can honestly say, It's been a long time since I've 'needed' these next two days off from work. Longer than scheduled hours, trying to relearn how to work in a Deli after not doing it for a few years on top of trying to teach two new people how to do it... It gives me a greater appreciation for the fruits and vegetables I usually work with. Now I need to hope my pressed plant collection for Botony isn't crap and I need to cram for my quiz on the Odyssey for Tuesday =_=;; Only saving grace is ...
  2. The Beginning...

    Aka Never let your friends leave you alone at a bar, especially after you've stopped drinking for the night.

    So I think I've decided to start a blog that I may or may not update with a decent frequency. I'll probably ramble on about how I hate my job and the random happenings of my day. I will probably also have some sort of little astronomy thing, maybe enlighten anyone who reads this on the universe.

    Anyway, onto the topic at hand. Never let your friends leave ...
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