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Kamitsure in a Maid Cosplay

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by , 4th November 2010 at 06:09 PM (781 Views)
Since everyone loved "Kamiture in a bikini", I thought it'd be fun to dress her up in all sorts of things and turn it into a series. She's a tough one to sprite due to her body position, so it's a fun challenge.

Again, please inform me if I'm breaking any rules. (Now I gotta figure out how to catagorize these things)

Here you go~

I wonder what I'll make next?

Comments? Please?

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Updated 7th December 2010 at 10:04 PM by RainbowMoondust

Kamitsure in a...


  1. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
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    Cute. How about a cheerleader outfit?
  2. Yabukuron's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I agree with Saturn :P

    Oh and, we need a bunny.

    (I've been watching too much Haruhi |D )
  3. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Like a Loppuny, Wigglytuff, or Azuril? Or non-pokemon?

    A cheer outfit sounds fun; although I'm unsure what style it would be, nor colors. I'll have to think about that one.
  4. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
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    You can use standard Poké Ball red and white colours if you wanted.
  5. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
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    Ooooh, that sounds good. I wonder which I should do first.
  6. Mako's Avatar
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    I like this. I like this very much.

    Here's some suggestions:

    A cheer costume (like Saturn suggested)
    A Lopunny cosplay
    A Gardevoir cosplay
  7. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
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    bunny needed.

    Fuuro outfit as well.
  8. RainbowMoondust's Avatar
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    Dressing her up as Fuuro would be quite challenging. So far, I'm leaning towards Lopunny/bunny suit/cosplay.
  9. Magmortar123's Avatar
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    I'd go with lopunny. It sounds like the best to me :P
  10. Kayumi's Avatar
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    I like the Bunny! (Mikuru in Haruhi is my favourite character XD)


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