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WoW Expansion

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I play WoW. I used to run a pretty big RP guild on the Shadow Council RP server, but I've been straying away for about a year now. I haven't been on in two or so months, now. But, I still check in every once in a while to talk to some old friends.

I generally enjoyed the Cataclysm expansion pack. The idea of being able to create a new character and actually have a good time doing so really appealed to me. It opened up a lot of story options, with new character/race combinations and the event of the Cataclysm itself served as an awesome spark for new RP stories.

Now, I've known Blizzcon would be happening around this time for a while, but I never really though much of it. I logged in today to talk to a former guildmate, and asked about the convention...

Pandas. Mists of Pandaria. A new Monk class, a new continent, and a neutral faction. Those all sound like really awesome ideas, to me. But... Pandaria? The Pandas, though... I'm sorry, but it just doesn't feel like WoW to me, anymore. Oh well. I've been close to fully leaving for quite some time now. I had some really great times with the game, but it just isn't that game anymore. No hard feelings, epic loot.

I am, however, a massive Knights of the Old Republic fan. I think I found an answer to my problem.

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