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The Rose Petal - I

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Welcome to The Rose Petal. This is a blog (updated whenever necessary, with no specific date), where members of the RP Trebloome Academy can catch up with anything they missed, review a span of time, an such. It can also serve as a looking glass into the RP of Trebloome Academy for those interested in the RP.

I'll start off by saying that it was quite the... "Interesting" weekend.

The students were given a day to venture out into the wilds of Trebloome. Their goal? Catch a Pokemon. This led to quite a few interesting character interactions, such as the following...

-Yogen catching the same Weavile that had injured him, a week before.

-Alexis evolving Miss Fern into a Doreida. She caught a Lapras.

-James battled and caught a Scizor, in the Shattered Grove.

-Tailisu encountered a frightened Jolteon, who willingly put himself in his possession, to avoid the dangers of his cold and abandoned condition.

-Andrew caught an Agirudaa, gaining a ninja-like Pokemon with blinding speed and agility.

-Marcus encountering a strange, alien Pokemon. After some interference with the Pokemon's strange radio signals and Marcus' technology, the Oobemu was captured.

-Alistair came across a sprawling Steelix beneath the ice of the Glacial Wastes, catching the metallic behemoth.

-The twins Joe and Josh Antimonius made their return the RP, catching a Slaking and Abomasnow, respectively.

-Mercedes encountered a Zoroark in the Trebloome Flower Fields. The illusion of Lucien came to her, though she saw through its clever disguise, adding the Dark-type to her captured Pokemon.

... And more.

We also gained a nice party of wonderful, new RPers to the party.

Jett - An avid gem-hunter, the new student quickly found himself caught in Mercedes' beauty. Although recently introduced to the French rose, he has a passionate love that courses through his veins. Will she ever feel the same?

Wyn - A shy beauty who wields the mandolin. Through a style never seen by Lucien, she quickly find herself to be within the attention of Lucien. Though, she definitely doesn't seem to mind...

Taylor - A rather blunt, and aloof girl. Though yet to appear eager, we've barely scratched the surface of this character.

Kyla - A girl quickly taken aback by the beauty of Trebloome. She didn't cease to begin sketching immediately... Tyler seems to have made the biggest impression on her, so far... A future relationship, in the works?

Though, the headline of the week remains at this...

The Kidnapping of Yogen Unmei

The dark, pain-filled prophet of doom found himself lost in the Shattered Grove. A mysterious, flamboyant man by the name of "December" found him. Talking, he quickly revealed himself to be similar to Yogen, in that he had faced the world's pain and hatred. Through a dramatic rescue attempt by Card and Lucien, December found himself cornered. Yogen, however, wouldn't have it... Willingly choosing to go with December, he held his own with the mysterious man against his former teachers. Escaping the island by helicopter, his identity was erased...

He became January.

And that's all, up to now... Currently, you may find the students either in the Dueling Hall, battling, or relaxing around the campus. That's all, for now!

(Oh, and did I mention that Alexis is pregnant?)

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  1. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Aw you forgot Lane, who captured an Ralts (Who turned out to be afraid of the dark), missing Zoey's alright since she's a teacher XD
  2. Sovereign's Avatar
    Sorry about that!
  3. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    lol np:)


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