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Drunk Teenage Driving

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So, at 2am last night, I was headed to bed. I managed to close my eyes and rest for a little under an hour, before hearing a magnificent crash. Huh. I ignored it. I hear random noises out in the middle of the country all the time, and it's usually something related to cars just driving on the old, nearby bridge.

My dog starts barking. Loudly. I get up, finding him growling at the door. There were a few... Actually, quite a few people standing in my sun room, backed away from the door. My black lab/american bulldog mix is pretty scary sometimes. Anyway, I open the door and look through my bay windows. There's an absolutely totaled pickup on the highway in front of my house, with what seems to be corpses scattered around it.

Oh, and before I say anything, the people waiting at my door rush in and sit next to my fireplace.

Apparently, a young girl, dressed in nothing but skin-tight shorts and a torn-up wrestling sweat-shirt had been called to the nearby town of Hilly City from my town of Hoxie to pick up a group of her father's friends. They had been spending a drunken weekend away unbeknownst to their wives. Fun. Anyway, the girl wasn't even old enough to drive (and was drunk as well) and had hit not one, but several cows on the road across from me. Two were killed instantly, three were injured (which means they'll end up dying, without a doubt), and her father's pickup was totaled. And I had a bunch of drunk wannabe cowboys in my house. Ugh.

I hate Kansas.

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  1. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    Sov, I don't think your in Kansas anymore....were in Bulba

  2. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Cool story bro, hope you never have to tell it again.
  3. Pandaun's Avatar
    0_0 omgosh... did you call the police? If yes, what happened then? That's actually a really interesting story... oh wannabe cowboys, you provide so much entertainment...
  4. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    Good learning lesson, as if you needed to learn it.

    Never drive drunk. Just don't do it. Bad idea.
  5. Sovereign's Avatar
    The police showed up a few minutes later. Mickey (the guy who owned the cows) showed up too, with a gun. He killed the injured cows and really wasn't that concerned at all that they had gotten hit. He's a pretty mellow guy.

    Oh, and the police gave the girl a ticket. And left. That's all.
  6. Yang Xiao Long's Avatar
    Lucky her.

    In Mass, she'd be in jail for the night, court cases, legal fees, fines... she'd be up a creek with a severe lack of an instrument to provide propulsion to allow her to escape the creek.


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