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Wreck It Ralph: Movie Review

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by , 4th November 2012 at 08:54 PM (261 Views)
Going to the movies is a wonderful experience for the young and old alike. An experience that touches so many and can really ingrain itself in your childhood. Who doesn't remember going to the movies and watching a certain movie that they truly enjoyed and the sadness that sweeps one as they see the credits appear. In the end, when you happen to watch that movie again, no matter what the circumstance. It never truly feels the same.

Just earlier this evening, I had the pleasure to go watch Wreck It Ralph at the cinema, and my advice to you people now is... watch it.

Wreck It Ralph is a very strong contender for one of the best movies of 2012 and set the bar very high for the contenders, a standard they will struggle to meet.

What the movie did is blend so many greats aspects together to give us a wholesome, touching, entertaining experience. You'll find yourself laughing or feeling sad during the movie. It delivers a nice story, great characters, alot of quality laughs and plenty of winks to the gamer audience.

The movie starts with Ralph, a video game 'bad guy', who's main job is to (suprise!) wreck things. However, Ralph is actually a nice guy and hates his job. All he wants is a little respect and recognition, nobody can blame him, right? So he sets out to prove himself, traveling to another game called Hero's Duty, and even though the name harkens to Call of Duty, it actually resembles Gears of War. So Ralph proves himself by getting a medal, but things go wrong and he finds himself stranded in another game called Sugar Rush, a game that is heavily inspired by Mario Kart. Ralph befriends a character called Vanellope and what starts off as a strained partnership ends as a friendship. As Felix, the good guy from Ralph's game, and Calhoun, another character from Hero's Duty, search to find Ralph, he realizes that his actions may affect the entire arcade.

Ralph is voiced John C. Reilly, and he does a great job bringing Ralph to life, the character and the actor have this great chemistry going on. Sarah Silverman does Vanellope, who brings that annoying voice and attitude with her (even though I grew to like Vanellope in the end). Sergeant Calhoun is voiced by Jane Lynch and holy crap was she good with her military talk, she's like a female version of Tommy Lee Jones. Overall, the voice acting is superb and not once did I get the impression that there was a weak spot to be found.

The plot is pretty good, especially the way it told the events, I thought it was great. It seems to alternate between different events going on, sometimes Ralph and Vanellope, sometimes Felix and Calhoun until they eventually meet up. However, if I have to admit, there were some parts that felt a little... unneeded, perhaps? Felix and Calhoun's blossoming love for instance was a little unneccessary but it fit in well enough in the storyand wasn't all that bad. Opinons will differ.

The characters were by far the high point of the movie, and first to come to mind. Ralph. This guy is great. I loved him and I found myself really connecting to him during the movie as he struggled to earn respect and do the right thing. He's a nice guy, but with a bad job. He tries to do the right thing, but destroys things in the process. Ralph's journey of self discovery, and his journey to come to terms with who he is, is realy quite touching. Ralph and Vanellope's friendship was also touching and so... pure, I daresay? Calhoun's tough attitude and military banter was great and Felix's stereotype good guy demeanor was spot on.

As for the visuals. They were spectacular. The bright colors and great graphics grab your attention and hold it; it demands your attention and boy does it deserve it. When in the world of the Ralph's game, you feel the retro style art direction of the game. The moment Ralph leaves his world into 'Hero's Duty', the mood becomes dark and sullen, perfectly reflecting the world. Soon after that, he goes into another world called 'Sugar Rush' where the colors are bright and vivid. There was a huge amount of detail, too. The video game characters from Ralph's world move in a stiff awkward manner which perfectly reflects their old graphics and design. It's a great touch.

The music and soundtrack was okay, it served the purpose, but certainly didn't give us anything too memorable. I loved the sound effects though, they really play on the whole video game theme. For instance, the characters made that memorable sound when they jump, the exact sound from the original Mario Bros. game, it's a little hard to explain, but you'll know it. Another example were the bit-like noises and sound every now and again.

As a gamer, I really enjoyed the subtle videogame hints the movie drops as you watch. Ralph will find a Mushroom. In a bad guy support group you will find Bowser and Doctor Eggman. Sonic has a nice cameo, too. But the great thing about these hints, is that they are done right. Not too many and with a certain flair. They don't take over the movie and they are subtle. Just right.

Overall, this a great movie and deserves your hard earned bucks. If you're a gamer, you're going to appreciate the subtle hints that the movie drops more than others, but you're probably going to enjoy it anyway.

In my own amateur-ish opinion, I expect this movie to be a strong contender in the next Oscar for Best Animated Feature, look out Pixar and Dreamworks.

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    Great review, I was interested in the movie when I first heard about it, but this review really gave me the push I needed to sneak into the movies and watch it for free... lol, just kidding, or am I? :P

    No, but seriously this was a great review, and I think I will use my -as you said- hard earned bucks to watch it. ;)


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