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  1. Wreck It Ralph: Movie Review

    Going to the movies is a wonderful experience for the young and old alike. An experience that touches so many and can really ingrain itself in your childhood. Who doesn't remember going to the movies and watching a certain movie that they truly enjoyed and the sadness that sweeps one as they see the credits appear. In the end, when you happen to watch that movie again, no matter what the circumstance. It never truly feels the same.

    Just earlier this evening, I had the pleasure to ...

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  2. So much hatin' between gamers

    You know, so I was stalkin' the forums and IGN, and I couldn't help but notice all the hatin' among gamers. RPG gamers hatin' on FPS, FPS hatin' on the RPG'ers. Not to mention the constant shitstorm brewing between the Nintendo and Sony gamers.

    When you're in the middle of the "discussion" it seems to significant. Like, 'AW HELL NO. Don't be hating on Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty is for 30 year old bums!" The accusations are wild, the refutes are vicious and the fan ...
  3. PM contact list

    Everyone listed below will get a PM notice when a new chapter is released for my Fanfic.
    If at any time you want these messages to stop, then simply contact me and I'll be happy to comply.


    Magnus Prime
    Shiny Ninetales
    Mikey Boy

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  4. Inspiration for my first Fic

    I have a small fic called Twins of Fate, some people like it and so I want to confess of something.
    I going to tell you the inspiration for the story, mainly the first chapters.
    Some of you guys have read the story, notice that the main character meets his starter after saving it from his panicked family. That was a true story.
    Yes it happened to me!
    Once my family was cleaning around the house, and I was inside, so when I heard a yelling and my mother calling me, I ...