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I dubbo what to call this blog


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by , 2nd March 2011 at 12:43 PM (140 Views)
Apparently for my Physics coursework (due in next wednesday), I have to do a presentation/website/video/whatever about a specific material and it's usage - or how it's suitable for a specific usage using the macro and microscopic properties of the material. I told my teach I was going to do diamonds in industrial cutting, because that's really easy but he told me it was too 'pedestrian' and I needed to think of something else. I have no idea what else to do, though.

Sigh. And a chemistry test tomorrow which isn't cool.

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  1. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
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    You're taking chemistry and physics at the same time? You poor soul...
  2. Froakie's Avatar
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    Lol, and Biology/Further Maths. Don't ask.
    Anyway, I had the chemistry test today and it was awful.

    Thanks for replying!
  3. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
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    I'm currently in chemistry as well, and it's most definitely not my favorite class.


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