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I dubbo what to call this blog

This blogs sucks. Leave it now. :>

  1. Amazon

    by , 11th February 2011 at 11:52 AM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    I order Pokemon White about a week and the price was originally £35 pushed down to £30. Now I checked my orders and it's gone down to £25! Usually new games are £35, I'm surprised it's already gone down by a tenner. But hey, no complaining.
  2. .gif

    by , 8th February 2011 at 02:36 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)

    Lol, look what I made. (Well, what a website made for me). I wish the sig limit was just 20px taller, so I could use this. Is there a way to edit image size using BBcode?
  3. Moan moan moan...

    by , 4th February 2011 at 06:18 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    I know I'm probably talking to myself about this but, oh well!

    I've been anticipating watching the special of Brock in his gym for a while now. I still haven't had the chance to watch it but I'll probably come back and write a review when I have.

    Anyway. Tomorrow, 5/2/11 is the last episode of DP191 and the Zoroark movie. It's the last episode I have enjoyed ever since. I can't believe my favourite series and the series that brought me back into the show a few years ...
  4. Is it bad..

    by , 31st January 2011 at 05:05 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Is it bad that I only really like the anime from BF and up the end of DP? Of course that's not to do with something happened back then *whistles*.

    Should I/Shouldn't I watch dub BW? I'll only watch it if some of my favourite voice actors stay on but I don't know whether I should just ignore everything and watch it or stay adamant to what I WANT to do.

    Oh and if anybody likes maths and wants to do my further maths A level for me - please do, thanks.
  5. Today

    by , 24th January 2011 at 02:32 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Best Wishes dub starting in two and a half weeks really?? Huh. I hope Bill Rogers is in the series (and Yuji Ueda, but that's a different story).

    I went to Cambridge today to visit the Sanger Institute about human genomes. Looking at books containing 50 million tiny little letters (like pt 5 on word) was pretty confusing I'll admit. Good thing I got a day off school to go there (with school, none the less, but..) instead of my repeating daily timetable.
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