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I dubbo what to call this blog

This blogs sucks. Leave it now. :>

  1. I just got a Masuda shiny in one try

    by , 13th June 2013 at 09:00 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Just kidding! No way would I ever be that lucky, but maybe I'm lucky enough that my bad luck is so rare, who knows!

    Here's the story. Haven't played pokemon white 2 in months, so the seasons actually changed 3 times in one go. Lol, whoops. Figured I'd actually collect my deoxys that I downloaded a few weeks ago. I wanted a specific nature, that is of course Naive because I'm looking for a mixed deoxys-a, I guess. I thought before I even started this 'hey my lucky is kinda crappy, this ...
  2. 3rd Bulbaversary

    by , 9th June 2013 at 12:13 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Hey, so today marks the day I've been on this site for 3 years. Woo. Nothing much has happened regarding me on Builba, since this day last year I had recently been made a mod. More has happened for me personally, I think, what with me finishing school and finishing my first year of university which is why I haven't been all that active on the blogs or on the site etc. I'll try and get my activity better over the summer holidays. I do have 4 months off from uni.

    Last year I did a huge

    Updated 9th June 2013 at 12:32 PM by Froakie

  3. Book Suggestions?

    by , 24th May 2013 at 08:24 AM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Hey, so today I got a letter from the alumni of my old school telling me I had won some kind of science award thanks to my A Level results I got last year... I didn't even know my school had an Alumni or how they found my results or my address D: But anyway, they sent me £60 worth of book vouchers. Here's the problem, I don't ever read books! Last books I bought were a year ago and I've read about 10 pages of one of them. x)

    So here's my question, I can probably get about 8 or so books ...
  4. It's almost 4/20, blaze it suckas!

    by , 14th April 2013 at 06:09 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    Hello bulbablazers, it's me Emily! You may also know me as Froakie or Croag or Bubblewrap if you're old. Of course you may all call me the king of swag, LOL!

    I know it isn't 4/20 quite yet but I intend to party up to it all week and then just spent the actual 4/20 baking myself untill I'm toasted lmfao. Maybe relax with some "herbal tea" if u know what I mean ;) Here's a picture of me getting ready!

  5. Colors 3D!

    by , 10th February 2013 at 08:56 PM (I dubbo what to call this blog)
    After seeing a blog on here from The Togekiss, and knowing I've wanted this app for a while now - I finally caved in and bought colors 3D for my 3DS!

    First thing I drew was a Whiscash and a Barboach - here

    anything any of you want to see me draw? :D
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