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The next egg move...?

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by , 24th June 2011 at 08:58 AM (222 Views)
I'm willing to start my next egg move pokemon for the 5th gen, in my free time, but can't think in something cool to do. I thought these would be cool:

Cubchoo (yawn, ice punch, avalanche, night slash)

Riolu (circle throw, cross chop, blaze kick, bullet punch)


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  1. Zeb's Avatar
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    For Cubchoo, do Yawn, Avalanche, Focus Punch and Night Slash. Avalanche is better than Ice Punch since Beartic is slow, so the move doubles in power to 120 + STAB iirc, so the two together are pretty redundant.

    I just finished: Croagunk; Drain Punch | Fake Out | Acupressure | Meditate. :D
  2. Duque's Avatar
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    I see. I'll start it next week (I'll let you have one when I finish, since you gave the tip). Good croagunk, by the way.


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