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A Hero's Wanderings

  1. GenCon

    We interrupt your regular news for this special bulletin.

    GenCon, guys. GenCon.

    For those of you who know what I'm talking about, I'm going to be there.

    For those of you who don't, you probably stopped reading this already.

    If any of you guys reading who see this are also attending the GenCon, go find the paint n take area. If you wanna talk to me, ask for GliscorMan. That is all.
  2. 3rd Bulbaversary!

    So uh. I'm already forgetting what day it is, so it came as a small sort of shock to realize that, as of today, I've been on this site for three years.

    That's crazy. But really, really cool.

    Thanks for the memories, guys! To many more!
  3. And it's Vacation Time!

    So my I get home from school, and my mom starts telling me to do stuff.

    Mom: "You need to go pack for vacation! Go find some shorts.

    My first thought: "I like to wear shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!"

  4. And today is...

    Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody!
  5. Time for a Brief Rant

    There's a Mafia game simulator, off site. EpicMafia. It's normally a fairly brilliant thing, and tons of fun. Now that we've got that settled, I'm heading into rant mode. So a while back (several months, a really long time), I made my little brother an account. I'd been playing for like two years, so it seemed like a good thing to do. After all, he was interested in playing.

    Now it's Christmas. And I got this new laptop. He got one, too. I try to play EpicMafia on it. Out of the ...
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