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La Vie en Rose


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I just looked through my window and it's snowing outside. Can't say that I'm really happy about it. <_<

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
    Why not? D:
    I love your profile picture, by the way. :x
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    @Lumi = snow. It's meant to be!

    You should be happy! =P
  3. Lumi's Avatar
    @Mechanical Songbird ; Because snow is a pain when you live in Canada. ;_;
    And thanks!~

    @Tsutarja ; Hush up, you. :P
  4. Space Opera's Avatar
    Awh, that's a shame. ;_;
  5. Zenax's Avatar
    I was expecting to see snow as well when I looked out the window. And there's nothing. Better stay that way. :D
  6. Lumi's Avatar
    @Zenax ; *is jealous* D:<
  7. pikachugirl's Avatar
    hey don't be jealous, because my whole family is sick(but not me!!!!)
  8. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I wish there was snow in my place.
  9. pikachugirl's Avatar
    w do people put pictures on the box????????
  10. pikachugirl's Avatar
    it's the weeek ends for me so no school!!!!!
  11. Mijzelffan's Avatar
  12. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    I'd be glad to borrow some of it...or a lot of it...or all of it...
  13. Serperiority's Avatar
    This will never happen in Salinas.....


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