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Good gifts for Christmas?

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by , 15th November 2012 at 02:02 AM (408 Views)
Well, to put it simply my mother keeps heckling me about what I want for christmas and for my birthday. I have absolutly no idea what to get. So would anybody be able to bring gift idea's to mind that are good for 16 year old boys?

Please and thank you. All I can currently think of that I want is Mario Party and another N64 controller.

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  1. Captain_Kaos's Avatar
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    Mabye some of "those" magizenes
  2. Luminosity's Avatar
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    Is there anything of yours that needs to be replaced? Shoes, clothing, headphones, etc.
  3. Takaki's Avatar
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    Totally in the same position as you here. I'm 15 and I keep getting nagged about what I want.
  4. Yato's Avatar
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    You're 16? Maybe some of those epic game consoles? Or a Wii U ?


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