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"I don't really think anyone is listening to you, even the one or two comments that have been relevant"-sarcastically insane

"Are you high?"-life alert

"Wataru, i love you"-DCM

"Thank god you can still type.Imagine if the internet hadn't known about your injury."-Stranger

"Are you pitying yourself?"-Jhonny

"HIGH FIVE!!!! W00T!!!"-prison mike

"its only a nerf hammer..."bonk""-$aturn ¥oshi

  1. The Wii-U is fucking pitiful

    by , 18th November 2012 at 10:28 PM (THE SHOW)
    MiiVerse hacked
    Debug System accessed
    Every single 3rd party game has technical issues
    Nintendo games lock up for no reason
    Console doesn’t recognize certain routers
    NN is a joke
    Horrifying loading times
    Laggy OS

    For a thing "next gen" it sure did a lot of GOOD running PREVIOUS GEN GAMES

    Epic mickey two runs at an OUTSTADING rate of TEN FUCKING FRAMES A SECOND.


  2. I dont really like Chie's arena/P4G voice

    by , 20th October 2012 at 10:02 PM (THE SHOW)
    Teddies is p fricken good though.
  3. Is the disgaea series pretty good?

    by , 15th October 2012 at 05:26 PM (THE SHOW)
    i can get 1+2 psp and 3 vita

    around 80$ altogether worth it?
  4. I now have a vita

    by , 15th October 2012 at 01:46 AM (THE SHOW)
    My brother called it the 'Persona machine'

    p fuckin accurate
  5. My thoughts on pokemon.

    by , 13th October 2012 at 05:09 PM (THE SHOW)
    Pokemon will hardly ever be on my top list of games.
    Well, except for maybe gold but thats not the point.

    The point is despite pokemon not reaches its fullest potential; (B/W happened way too fast, DPP wasnt too memorable, RSE seemed dreadful halway through, GC was pretty good, but RB was bad to go back to.) a manipulative system, and enough pokemon to physically make its own goddam language.

    It will always feel....right to play.
    That little thing telling ...
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