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"I don't really think anyone is listening to you, even the one or two comments that have been relevant"-sarcastically insane

"Are you high?"-life alert

"Wataru, i love you"-DCM

"Thank god you can still type.Imagine if the internet hadn't known about your injury."-Stranger

"Are you pitying yourself?"-Jhonny

"HIGH FIVE!!!! W00T!!!"-prison mike

"its only a nerf hammer..."bonk""-$aturn ¥oshi

  1. ouch

    by , 9th October 2010 at 04:05 PM (THE SHOW)
    i sprayned my ankle playing street basketball

    i cant walk
  2. rough choice

    by , 30th September 2010 at 09:02 AM (THE SHOW)
    i restarted my heartgold

    i got my cyndaquil and zubat and will get flaffy

    but should the other member be gastly or bulbasaur?
  3. i need help

    by , 19th September 2010 at 08:11 PM (THE SHOW)
    my heartgold erased itsef. 6 months gone...

    im going to have to restart and i want my essentials they can be evolutions too :
    adamant bagon,larvitar
    modest abra,togepi,bulbasaur,cydaquil
    a low leveled jirachi none def/ sp.def hindering nature

    those willing to comply will get either get one of the crown beasts, the movie celebii, goon scizor, satoishi pikachu, vgc eevee, or a pidgy holding any item.
    vm me withen two saturdays or post here ...
  4. i had to do it

    by , 11th September 2010 at 06:08 PM (THE SHOW)
    pokabu's evos are going to get the bad rep for being dual type fighting.

    And a load of you are gonna say how horribal.

    Yet i have a theory of the fire/fighting starters being a part of a trio.

    blazkin being the most average and highest atk

    infernape trades def/sp.def for speed

    now pokabus gannon final form has the likness of a wrestler+being a pig. giving him much lower speed but much higher hp,sp.def, and defense.
  5. this is hard

    by , 7th September 2010 at 11:07 PM (THE SHOW)
    should i get metroid prime triolgy or metroid other m?
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