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i had to do it

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by , 11th September 2010 at 06:08 PM (218 Views)
pokabu's evos are going to get the bad rep for being dual type fighting.

And a load of you are gonna say how horribal.

Yet i have a theory of the fire/fighting starters being a part of a trio.

blazkin being the most average and highest atk

infernape trades def/sp.def for speed

now pokabus gannon final form has the likness of a wrestler+being a pig. giving him much lower speed but much higher hp,sp.def, and defense.
that is my idea

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    No, it's just increativity on GF's part. It's the most common starter combo, and it could be one of 17 other type combos, if you include Pure Fire, and only two others have been used. To put it in perspective, Water type starters have never had the same typing, but most of the fire-type starters have the same type. It's unnecessary.


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