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Formerly known as...

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by , 1st August 2010 at 05:02 PM (375 Views)
Figured I may as well start a blog, though I'm not sure why. Since I changed my name a few minutes ago, I figured I may as well explain that in my first entry. Names are always a good place to start.

Camera pans back. A new user joins the forums, under the name of ~sakura~, a name used in a few other places that will not be listed. Lightning crackles overhead, and maniacal laughter is heard in the background...
Just kidding. I'm not sure why I chose ~sakura~, really, but it doesn't matter much. I changed my name after a few posts anyways.

Then, I switched to "Muffins!", because, well, they're amazingly delicious and whatnot. Really. I don't mind Muffins, but I think that was taken or something, so I had to add the exclamation mark. Course, that leads to some problems. While having the little bar at the top say, "Welcome, Muffins!" and make the entire forum seem so much more enthusiastic when they talk about me (Good job, Muffins!), it got kind of strange to type after a while.

So, feeling as if I was on the run from the police-mods (okay, not really. But I haven't met many people who change their usernames three times in two months), I changed my name to Kai-Mei. NO, it is not my real name, nor is it my Chinese name, nor is it an anagram of my real name, nor is it an anagram of my Chinese name nor is it related to any other name that I may have. Just wanted to clear that up.

Hopefully, there won't be any problems with "Kai-Mei" (it's actually kind of a nice name... makes me wish I thought of it myself). Because changing names is such a hassle.

Wow. That was somewhat therapeutic or something, becasue I feel so much better after explaining my multiple name switches. Dunno why. Oh well. Off to take over the world go do something else.

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    at one point i changed my time 4 times in one month.

    i think.

    DCM--> TT3chidna --> Doctor Doom --> DCM


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