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  1. Uh... hi. ^.^

    Hey, guys. I'm back. Apparently some of you didn't believe it was happening, either in the sense of "THANK GOD, KILL IT WITH FIRE" or, "oh, darn, odds are Kai's never coming back..."... I'd like to think the latter one.

    Erm, I do realize I said the 28th. Apparently I can't read a calendar two months in advance. DEVOTING MY LIFE TO LEARNING HAS GOTTEN ME SO FAR. Uh, but actually, something came up today so I won't be fully back (it's already late, and I'm laaazy...). ...
  2. Formerly known as...

    Figured I may as well start a blog, though I'm not sure why. Since I changed my name a few minutes ago, I figured I may as well explain that in my first entry. Names are always a good place to start.

    Camera pans back. A new user joins the forums, under the name of ~sakura~, a name used in a few other places that will not be listed. Lightning crackles overhead, and maniacal laughter is heard in the background...
    Just kidding. I'm not sure why I chose ~sakura~, really, but it ...