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  1. I have returned.... Again.

    So.... I'm back..... again......

    I wasn't really as back as I thought I would be last time, but I'm pretty sure that I'm actually back now.

    But I will NOT be opening up a request shop again
    I think the root of most of my problems here is that I open up the shop, get one two many requests and feel swamped, then I feel useless, and then I just fade, so I'm going to ignore that ;)
  2. An update of sorts

    Wow, back in August I said I'd start my own blog talking about my life and make regular posts. But then school happened.

    I had started up in a new program in my high school back in August called the STEM program (for the benefit of thse who do not know what it stands for, it is Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), in hopes of getting the most of my education. But boy was I wrong.

    To summarize it, the teachers were psychotic (one went on a rant about how I ...