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My 2nd Yr. Anniversary in BMGf

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by , 25th May 2012 at 10:45 PM (400 Views)
I'm so happy to say:

I Just Survived 2 Years on the Awesome Bulbagarden Forums!!!

oh yeah >:D

I'm really happy that I joined the forums =D

it all started on May 26,2010... *insert random flashback here* xD

so,my first username that time was harukamaylover :3

so,I want to thank a bunch of people now 8D

Thank you so much for being my first friend on the forums, @Haruka_Rules!; ~♥ =)

Of course,I also want to thank these people,although I don't exactly talk to some (a lot) of you very often,I'm still thankful that I met you guys :)

and to the others that I forgot to mention (sorry >,< my mind is currently blank xD)

so yeah...

I hope I survive until next year xD

(random crap to spend free random time xD)


Past Usernames that I could still remember xD:


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  1. Aetheria's Avatar
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    Happy Bulbaversary!
    I feel so honored to be on the list...And I'm the first one mentioned. xD Love ya like a sister, Sapphy!
  2. Okami Takahashi's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by User_Name
    Thanks for mentioning me. Let's hope you are able to stay her, and nothing stupid happens like your computer dies on you *cough cough* @Okami; *cough cough*. Anyway, post as much as you can, okay?

    My computer semi-works now. I can connect, but it's still much slower and the OS has incurable kernel inpage bluescreen errors.

    Anyhoo, Happy Bulbaversary, Sximple Ghurl!
  3. Lavender's Avatar
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    Aw, thanks for the mention! Happy Bulbaversary!
  4. BLAH BLAH BLAH's Avatar
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    Thanks for the mention and wow..two years?
    Congrads!! xD
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