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  1. The BEST Day of my High School Life Yet! :DDD

    a blog before I go to school :P
    all happened yesterday,3:15-3:45 pm.

    It was raining.I was sitting on the bleachers with my other classmates.Then we saw 3 of my classmates walking in the rain slowly talking about something.Then 2 of my classmates,1 female and 1 well,uhmm..in between,ran to them in the rain.Then one of them ran to me and pulled me by hand.We were laughing and pulling other classmates of ours towards the rain :DDD ...
  2. Random Crap :P

    well,I'm bored,so what? x3
    time to post random crap,,

  3. Curse You,Neighbor and Strain Cat -3-

    this night until now,I'm alone at home.My mom,aunt,and other cousins went to church for a gathering.My mom made my lil' bro come.Anyways,I was washing the dishes just now.The sink is located in front of the window.I was looking at the window.It was dark outside.Then I looked at the running water at the sink when suddenly someone screamed like mad.It made me scream and ran to the living room and hugged the throw pillow and cover my face with it.

    then I went back to the kitchen with ...
    Personal Talk
  4. the most BORING program happened yesterday

    and it was very boring x3

    all students were at the school oval sitting on the floor.I was sitting near the boys of class 2(the second-to-the-highest class -3- which makes me in class 1) and was grouped up with 3 boys of class 2 and my close-to-be best friend of class 1 at my left.We(besides my class 1 classmate.she was standing up and walking around time to time) were laughing and talking about stuff and we weren't that much paying attention to the program.Then one of them cracked ...
  5. My Eyesight's Getting Poor O_O


    I was suppose to fail the eye test last August,but I memorize what the Snellen chart says in the 8th line(where we start reading and if ur able to read that line,you pass):
    D E F P O T E C(see?I can't take it off my mind!)

    but to tell the truth,I wasn't able to read it T_T

    but that test wasn't graded(and why would it be?) -3-

    random blog entry :3
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