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My Journeys

here,I'll post the things that happened when I travel to other countries ~I only told one person about my travel to USA~

  1. I'll miss you USA!!!

    Hi it's me, harukama...err I mean ♥♫sapphiremaylover♫♥.Hehehe...I'm not used to my name yet!!!I'm going to tell you all about my lil' travel to USA!!!

    This Friday,I just got home frm. USA. I won't forget all the pretty sights that I see.

    But I need to go back to this Asian country called the PHILIPPINES 'coz this is where my parent's enrolled me this school year(last year I was enrolled in USA as a fifth grader)

    I'm still happy 'coz in this country,May ...

    Updated 6th October 2010 at 01:45 AM by Yuuki Asuna

    My Journeys