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  1. Squeeee-vee!

    Be honest: how much do you squee when you see this little guy? It's only natural; after all, he looks like a super-furry, huge-eyed fennec fox with a high-pitched cry that has diabetics reaching for their insulin. And, of course, there's more to him than just cuteness. After all, this is the guy that defined branched evolution back when it was unique to him; since then, he's stayed well ahead of everyone else when it comes to how many evo paths a Pokémon can take. His Pokedex entries often state ...
  2. Wow, TPP is doing better on Blaze Black 2 than they have any right to.

    They are kicking this game's ass. Twitch kicking a game's ass for once. Sorcery. Sheer sorcery.