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  1. Haven't Been on Since Forever


    Some of you guys might not know me,but I was an active member here on BMGf who became inactive last year.

    I also changed my username a lot,but my first username here was harukamaylover.Just check my username history if you're interested.Meh

    I won't promise that I'm gonna be as active as I used to,but I might just check in here and yeah.

    Also,I'll only stick with this username from whenever.

    And I think that's all.
  2. Made a Song Cover =///=

    so,I haven't been on for a few months xD

    anyways,I made a cover of a song...well,I had been doing covers since October but...here's my latest one >///<

    sorry for my horrible voice >//<

    well,that is all xD
  3. Haven't been on for a while

    haven't visited the forums lately,after two months to be exact :3

    so,how's everything going? =3
  4. Last one to Comment here is Awesome =3=

    random blog is random =_=

    well,I've started to get interest in banner making and such so,

    last one to comment MIGHT receive a random banner (with video,I'm 2% sure that I'm gonna make a video o3o) from me :3

    just mention your favorite anime character and from what anime he/she came from in your first comment =_=

    probably this won't go anywhere =_=


    have a derpy day ahead of ya!
  5. Why Azu~nyan?

    Sximple Ghurl here :3

    and a random bog entry is random =3=
    well basically,my profile picture,avatar,and signature banner is Nakano Azusa,or also called as Azusa~chan,also called Azu~nyan,from the anime "K~On!" =3

    so,last June 24 (Sunday) I started wearing pigtails whenever I'm going to church.

    Then their reactions were:

    1st cousin that saw me: Miku! (frm. Vocaloid) ...
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