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HeartGold Nuzlocke Run

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I am starting a nuzlocke Run on HeartGold, with the following rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be released.
2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each Route or Town can be caught. Pokemon encountered before I get my first Poke Balls do not count.
3. A Pokemon cannot be caught if I already own a member of its species or its evolutionary line.
4. All mons must be nicknamed.

This blog will be updated with my progress as I make it. So lets go!

- Oak introduces me to Pokemon. Again. I chose the boy character, and named him Gold. I get shrunk down, and end up in my bedroom.
- Mum greets me and gave me my bag, trainer card, options, and save button. She also told me to go to Elm's lab. So I went there.
- Elm gives me a Pokemon. I chose Cyndaquil (male) and named it Gavin, because I have a friend with red spiky hair just like Cyndaquil's fire.
- Assistant guy gives me 5 Potions.
- I show Gavin to Mum. She gives me my Pokegear and sends me on my way. Elm gives me his number, and I head off down the route to Cherrygrove Town.
- I meet a wild Pidgey en route, and Gavin kills it easily.
- Damn it, it is so slow when you don't have Running Shoes! After another Pidgey takes Gavin down to 1 HP with two critical hit tackles in a row, I was forced to use a Potion. But Gavin did level up, so it wasn't all downside. Gavin also learned Smokescreen.
- I finally made it to Cherrygrove! The old guy showed me around town, and gave me Running Shoes. Finally! Now I wont move so painstakingly slow! I healed up then headed towards Mr. Pokemon's house.
- Guide Gent gave me a Map Card for my Pokegear.
- Some weird guy in a house gives me an Apricorn Box. I picked the Apricorn outside his house and moved on.
- Found a Potion. It makes up for the one I was forced to use earlier.
- Also found an Antidote.
- Couldn't get through the short way because of Joey and his top percentage Rattata. So I went the long way.
- Met a wild Metapod. Gavin took it down easily.
- Beat a wild Pidgey. Gavin leveled up.
- Beat ANOTHER Pidgey.
- Finally reached Mr. Pokemon's house. He gave me the mystery egg. Mr Pokemon healed my mons, and Oak gave me a 'Dex, and his phone number. And I went off.
- Elm phones me and tells me to get back. I oblige.

- I'm back!
- Made it safely to Cherrygrove. I healed, and went towards New Bark.
- "Passerby Boy" comes up to me and calls me a wimp. I won't stand for this bullshit! Bring it on!
- After a Leer and a few Tackles, Gavin defeats his Totodile. The experience gained was enough to make Gavin level up to Level 8.
- I wasn't going to put up with this guy calling me a wimp. As he walked away, I pinched his Trainer Card from his back pocket. But he noticed and grabbed it back off me, but not after I had seen that his name was Reginald Periwinkle.
- I healed and went back to New Bark Town.
- As I walked into the lab, I noticed a cop there, and he immediately claims that I am the culprit. What a nice welcome! How about, "Thanks for walking all the way to Mr. Pokemons house and back, Gold!". People these days. But that weirdo Lyra walks in and tells the dude that it wasn't me. I decide that it would be mean to tell everyone his name was Reginald Periwinkle, so I say the first thing that pops into my mind. Silver.

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