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  1. I got a new girlfriend (:

    This is how it started. I was late to science class on Thursday last week and the only seat left in the room was next to a new girl I had never seen before. And damn, she was hot! She had the most amazing body too, and massive tits. Her name was Sophie So I sat next to her. About halfway through my science teachers usual rant about protons and nuetrons and all that, she realized the teachers view of her was blocked by the tall kid in front of her. So she pulled out a DS and started playing. I looked ...
  2. HeartGold Nuzlocke Run

    I am starting a nuzlocke Run on HeartGold, with the following rules:

    1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and must be released.
    2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each Route or Town can be caught. Pokemon encountered before I get my first Poke Balls do not count.
    3. A Pokemon cannot be caught if I already own a member of its species or its evolutionary line.
    4. All mons must be nicknamed.

    This blog will be updated with my progress as I make ...

    Updated 29th May 2011 at 12:48 AM by brickwork