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Realistic Paintings

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No, not my realistic paintings; this is a riddle, that my mom told me when I was young.

A famous painter in China had three sons, to whom he taught vigorously the art of painting. This painter was famous for making paintings so well drawn, people thought they were absolutely real at first glance.

This painter was becoming very old, so he had to decide who to give the largest share of his inheritance to. By now, all three of his sons were aspiring young men, and they could all paint to the old man's standard. He decided to give them a test. Each son would have three days to paint whatever he pleased; at the end, whoever had the best painting would have the largest share of his inheritance.

Three days passed by quickly, and the morning of the fourth day, all three of his sons were ready with their paintings, out in their garden.

Each painting was on a canvas, and covered by a smooth cloth. The painter walked up to the painting on the left - the oldest son's - and lifted off the cloth. It was a tiger in a field, leaping towards the canvas. When he had lifted the painting, some dogs that were watching were scared away. The old painter nodded approvingly.

Next came the second son. When the painter lifted off the cloth, it was a fish, swimming in a river. An eagle flying above swooped down and tried to grab the fish painting in its claws - to no avail, as it was only a painting. The old painter also nodded in approval to the second son.

The youngest son was not only a good painter, but also the smartest of the three brothers. As soon as the old painter laid his hand on the cloth, he gave a gasp of exclamation and said, "You are surely the best painter out of my sons!"

The two older brothers were puzzled. Their father hadn't even looked at the son's painting, and he had already declared his to be the best.

What had the youngest son painted that had convinced the artisan so thoroughly?

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  1. Meron's Avatar
    Hmm... he painted the cloth?
  2. mini-chan's Avatar
    Wow, I'm stumped.

    @Meron-That's what I think, but, it seems to simple to be that.
  3. Zekurom's Avatar
    Meron is right. The youngest brother had painted the cloth onto the canvas itself. The previous two paintings had fooled various animals, but this third painting was convincing enough to fool even the old painter.

    Epilogue: The youngest son got half the inheritance, while the other two sons got a quarter each. They were all happy with what they had gotten.
  4. Abba's Avatar
    I second the first comment.

    Derp, ninja'd.
  5. Meron's Avatar
    Ooh, I never guess these things!
  6. 062regrahc's Avatar
    i third the first comment.

    i think that this riddle is cunning and enjoyable
  7. 062regrahc's Avatar
    i third the first comment.

    i think that this riddle is cunning and enjoyable

    EDIT: oops. double post XD Srry
    Updated 29th May 2011 at 08:13 PM by 062regrahc
  8. The Bored Sword's Avatar
    Yeah that's what I figured; the cloth.


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